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SETYØURSAILS – ‘Nightfall’

Napalm Records
Pridelands, VENUES, Asleep At The Helm, Infected Rain, AVIIRA
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Napalm Records

It may seem like SETYØURSAILS have been on the scene for more four years now, but the German metalcore newcomers are rising fast as they release their sophomore album ‘Nightfall’.

SETYØURSAILS have been compared to Paramore, Korn and everyone in between and I can see why, ‘Nightfall’ is well put together and it blends the genres of not only modern and death metal, but also hardcore, metalcore and post-hardcore wonderfully. Aided by collaborations with Rudi Schwarzer from Annisokay, Andy Doerner from Caliban and Mike Perez from No Bragging Rights, ‘Nightfall’ allows SETYØURSAILS to bring searing elements of melodic metal right to the forefront of their music. There are no breaks here, ‘Nightfall’ begins full throttle and doesn’t let up through its 13 tracks of growl and grit. However, the German band are not afraid to show their emotional side with the album taking in both personal and social issues that are tackled through tuneful guitars and impactful drums. For an album which has been two years in the making, the lyrics and vocals of Jules Mitch are both cathartic and heartfelt, the anti-ballad ‘Secrets’ is a highlight where both song and lyrics are delivered with a wonderful heaviness.

Just by listening to ‘Nightfall’, it is possible to see the work and effort that has gone into this album, it is wonderfully polished and 2022 could just be the year for SETYØURSAILS to continue their voyage to getting the recognition they deserve.

"cathartic and heartfelt with a heaviness to boot"

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