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Septem – ‘Pseudonica’

Nadir Music
Iron Maiden, Saxon, Annihilator, Nevermore
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Nadir Music
Heavy Metal

                Italy has quickly become one of the hotbeds of heavy metal around the world, a real hub of activity as bands from every genre battle it out to get their name in lights. One band in particular who have been riding the wave of success are Septem who have throughout the last decade released a string of warmly received albums and now, the band are back with their latest album ‘Pseudonica’.

                Unlike a lot of trad metal bands, Septem take a modern heavy metal sound and transport it back to the past, they’re not a band afraid to take chances and ‘Pseudonica’ is a shining beacon of that. Unlike the clinical, pristine modern productions that are often sanitised of any life, the only thing ‘Pseudonica’ is missing is the crackle from the needle as it hits the groove on the vinyl. This is an album which sounds like it easily could have been released in 1981 as tracks such as ‘The North Star’, ‘The Otherside’ and ‘Man on the Bridge’ have all the hallmarks of Iron Maiden, Saxon and early Annihilator which are testament to vocalist Daniele Armanini’s raw talent. However, the utilisation of growls is enough to blindside the listener, they aren’t overused, and they hit at the correct times. This may seem weird at first, but they never appear out of place or overbearing and easily provides ‘Pseudonica’ with an extra dynamic.

                For trad metal fans, ‘Pseudonica’ will be a great addition to their catalogue. The sound may put off modern metal fans and the growls may cause classic metal fans to wince in fear, but there is an underground audience here just waiting to hoover this up and rightly so, because it is great.

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