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Frank Turner – ‘FTHC’

Xtra Mile/Polydor
Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro, Dropkick Murphys, Green Day, Billy Bragg, Bonnie Prince Billy
Release Date
Xtra Mile/Polydor
Folk Punk/Alternative Rock

                Frank Turner is arguably one of rock music’s busiest people, from recording, touring and live streams, the man is a Duracell bunny of energy and instead of harnessing nuclear fusion, we should study what keeps Frank Turner going, because that is infinite. This year has Turner returning with his latest album ‘FTHC’ to give the masses another dose of shin-kicking good-time folk/punk.

                What Turner delivers here with ‘FTHC’ is an album which sees him returning to his punky roots whilst keeping his eye firmly in the modern era. This is an energetic album of upbeat rhythms and thought-provoking lyrics with ‘FTHC’ having all the drive of ‘Love Ire and Song’ coupled with the poignant nature of ‘Be More Kind’ and ‘No Man’s Land’. Tracks such as ‘Non Serviam’, ‘Untainted Love’ and ‘The Resurrectionists’ have all the catchy melodic hooks of Foo Fighters, Green Day and Dropkick Murphys that are guaranteed to have a wide demographical appeal bringing in fans from genres where rock, punk and metal may not be their regular bag. However, it is during heartfelt tracks such as ‘Miranda’, ‘Haven’t Been Doing So Well’ and ‘Fatherless’ where Turner really earns his chops where big issues are challenged and dissected in a heartfelt and loving way which will have the conservative right redder than a baboon’s arse.

                ‘FTHC’ shows that Turner has lost none of his bite and is now capable of melding it with an older sound that many listeners may have forgot existed. This is beautifully produced to capture the raw energy of a live performance in the studio and don’t be surprised if ‘FTHC’ is awarded plaudit after plaudit because it has earned it with every single word and note.

"it will deserve every plaudit lauded upon it"

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