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Solution 13 – ‘Chapters From Private Hell’

WormHoleDeath Records
Sentenced. Poisonblack, Pantera
Release Date
WormHoleDeath Records
Heavy Metal

Hailing from the frozen Oulu, Finland, Solution 13 recently got back together after over 8 years working on other projects & released their 2nd album ‘Chapters From Private Hell’ on WormWholeDeath Records.

Classic heavy metal riffs galore here in this second serving from Solution 13, kicking off with the title track ‘My Private Hell’ is the perfect summary of what the whole album has to offer,

Gritty mid-scooped guitar chugging out neck-breaking riffage, backed up by the rest of the band slamming down with Ilkka’s phenomenal lyrics & vocal melodies as the cherry on top!

All 10 tracks from ‘When The Night Falls Down’, ‘Sweet Surrender’ to ‘What I Need’ & ‘Turn To Dust’ are a truly great addition to the heavy metal catalog, ‘Chapters From Private Hell’ is defiantly worth checking out!

"Gritty mid-scooped guitar chugging out neck-breaking riffage"

Come on in!

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