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Decrepisy – ‘Emetic Communion’

Chaos Records
Gatecreeper, Hooded Menace
Release Date
Chaos Records
Death Metal

A mind often seeks to quell the fires that chaos breeds to extract from it’s heart the essence to transfigure death into beauty, madness into serenity, but there are some who may choose to harness the unbridled force in which this construct creates, to become not a slave to it’s aura but to wield it’s malevolence and bend it to the whims of their image.Just like the blacksmith who hammers at the steel, in the end what is born is not simply a weapon but an  extension of the one who who dictates the path in which the blade must carve.

‘Emetic Communion’ by Decrepisy is an album that in my opinion represents the dichotomy between madness and chaos, for within it’s sound the listener will find a spiralling labyrinth that ushers you into these vast stages of aggression. Utilizing the visceral nature of old school Death Metal, Decrepisy have forged an effigy that mimics not the lines of destruction, but instead it exudes the actual breath of discordance realized into that of sound. In other words it is an album that shys not from drawing upon the atramental waters where one one whose lips touches the essence that magnifies the maelstrom of the soul.

Tracks such as ‘Embodied Decomposition’ and ‘Dissipating Form‘  are evidence where this album’s atmosphere is woven from an organic vessel rather than trying to don a facade in order to appear malefic. The sounds that emanate from the instruments grants more the feeling of being a conduit to express the most carnal instincts that festers within a human mind, to me, this is what makes the listening experience much more potent for it’s ambience that is painted comes from a misanthropic womb where the walls ooze with hatred and disgust.

However, what ties ‘Emetic Communion’ into a cohesive listening experience is found within its musical architecture, for even though complex variations can be discovered from the instrumental output, it is not crafted in order to appear like a false maelstrom. What is meant is that through it’s aggression the spiralling construct exhibited by the strings and percussions are formed, and it is these moments that bestows upon the album meritorious aspects to be engrossed through it’s  cacophony of sound.

"pure unbridled vehemence transformed into sound"

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