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Schavot – ‘Galgenbrok’

Void Wanderer Productions/War Productions
Gorgoroth, Gaerea, Mgla
Release Date
Void Wanderer Productions/War Productions
Black Metal

Emerging this winter in a storm of terror and introspection, Schavot exemplify their tasteful new album ‘Galgenbrok’, translating from Dutch as ‘gallows bait’. This powerful LP defines the struggling balance of serenity and chaos so clearly defined by the events of recent times. With harsh, deep raspy shrieks cascading into consonant vocals, this eclectic converse patterns an unusual blend of true-to-the-roots second wave BM, and a more postmodern blackgaze/atmospheric black metal feel.

The contradiction is compelling, especially when noted that this album was created entirely by Dutch multi instrumentalist Floris (aside from the artwork), clearly a master at work. ‘Galgenbrok”s sound is ethereal and dread filled, creating a truly mystical sense of psychological horror and bliss. With its precise production, sporadic trem picking, atmospheric arpeggios, orchestral and synthesised passages and layered extreme vocal chanting, ‘Galgenbrok’ is truly a force to be reckoned with.

This album stays true to traditional black metal minor based chord sequences, while introducing enough of a transcendental oscillation that it forges a path into unchartered black metal territory. Perhaps something good did come of the pandemic after all.

"The Netherland's Black Metal scene hits hard with Schavot's hypnotic new album 'Galgenbrok'"

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