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Deep Purple – ‘Burn’

Release Date
Purple Records
Hard Rock

This afternoon in the Metal Digest office, we’re cranking up the volume on ‘Burn’, the 1974 album from Deep Purple. ‘Burn’ was the debut album of the short-lived MkIII line-up, gone were Ian Gillan and Roger Glover and replaced by Trapeze bassist and vocalist Glenn Hughes and a then unknown singer from Redcar, England, a certain David Coverdale. MkIII bought an element of soul into the band as the dual vocals from Coverdale/Hughes allowed tracks such as the fiery ‘Burn’, the crooning ‘Sail Away’ and the mournful ‘Mistreated’ is reap havoc across hi-fi’s worldwide. So this afternoon, never believe that she was devil’s sperm, whack the volume up loud until all you hear is buuuuuuuuurn!

Come on in!

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