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Blind Guardian – ‘Battalions of Fear’

Release Date
No Remorse Records
Speed/Thrash Metal

This morning in the Metal Digest office we’re blasting ‘Battalions of Fear’, the 1988 debut album from Blind Guardian. Unlike the power metal powerhouse that the band would become at the start of the 90’s, ‘Battalions of Fear’ is a huge slab of Teutonic speed metal and although it still contains the high-fantasy lyrics, many people still hold ‘Battalions of Fear’ as one of the best Blind Guardian albums with tracks such as ‘Majesty’, ‘Guardian of the Blind’ and the title track still standing tall as epitomes of the genre, so much so that they still hold a regular place today in Blind Guardian’s live sets. So this morning, crank up the volume on this excellent album, the kingdom is not lost!

Come on in!

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