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Billy Talent – ‘Crisis of Faith’

Spinefarm Records
Sum 41, Rise Against, Three Days Grace, Shinedown, Zebrahead
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Spinefarm Records
Alternative Rock/Pop Punk

Billy Talent were formed in Canadian in 1993 and play a blend of alternative rock which brings in elements of hip-hop, indie, ska and punk and recently, the band have started to reap the rewards of their hard work globally with three multi-platinum albums under their belt. Now is as good as a time as any for Billy Talent to take the world into their stranglehold as they release their latest album ‘Crisis of Faith’. 

‘Crisis of Faith’ shows just how much Billy Talent are masters of their craft with at least three different genres in the opening track alone. This naturally makes the Canadians difficult to pint comparisons to for those not familiar with their music, imagine the happy go lucky pop/punk of Sum 41 had the band hit fame in the early 80’s and you’re starting to get close. Every single track here contains a plethora of drum loops coupled with a synth bass and clear, strong vocals that had me singing almost immediately and in particular the track ‘I Beg to Differ’ is a great mood buster, giving the listener a massive hug or pat on the back and quickly becomes a favourite. In fact, if you think the mixing of genres could be off putting, it really isn’t, the three-minute flashes in different songs and styles are seamlessly joined with magic and it breeds a real refreshing change. Furthermore, the lyrics are like poetry through the dynamic changes during ‘Reactor’ to the softer tones in ‘The Wolf’ it is delivered beautifully. That original punk sound does continue to make an appearance and the guest vocals of Rivers Cuomo of Weezer makes the song ‘End of Me’ a real anthem with a cracking chorus delivered in his unique style.

‘Crisis of Faith’ leaves you feeling uplifted and happy and the cupcake declaring its undying love at the end is sweet. ‘Crisis of Faith’ might not be heavy but it most definitely has an impact.

"‘Crisis of Faith’ leaves you feeling uplifted and happy"

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