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Crestfallen Queen – ‘Hall of Maati’ EP

Vocem Interiorem Manifestations
Mansion, The Night Eternal, Sijjin, Count Raven, Satan
Release Date
February 11, 2022
Vocem Interiorem Manifestations
Progressive Heavy/Doom Metal

                When it comes to heavy metal, ancient Egypt has become a treasure trove of music which is as equally as deep and explorative as its archaeology. One such band who have taken a love for ancient Egyptian mythology are Crestfallen Queen, as the German heavy/doom band who are exploring this with their latest EP ‘Hall of Maati’.

                If you are expecting an a-typical ep of three to four tracks, then you’ll be shocked to find that ‘Hall of Maati’ is composed of just two expansive tracks clocking into bang on 20 minutes. For many, this can be a bitter pill to swallow, two tracks at ten minutes each can be tall order, but thankfully, ‘Hall of Maati’, weirdly never feels like this, the music flows really well and Crestfallen Queen have done their best to make sure this never appears dull or boring. To achieve this, the music sweeps between a progressive heavy metal sound alongside a black metal undercurrent and a powerful doom drive which allows the listener to easily explore the rather searching and philosophical lyrics delivered having all the hallmarks of Mansion.

                Yes, at times, ‘Hall of Maati’ can phase out into background music, but it is never dull. Crestfallen Queen haven’t released an album since 2019, but on the strength of ‘Hall of Maati’, the next release will be something to anticipate.

"two tracks, expansive but rarely dull"

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