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Questions on the Go | No Restraints

We got to ask No Restraints a few questions on the go.

Welcome to Metal Digest!

Please describe the band in a single sentence.

Street core band form Vercelli (north italy), be you, be real, No Fucking Restraints!

What’s your latest project and what are you working on right now?

We have our debut Album coming out on April 22, it will be available on Vinyl, Cd and digital. At the moment we are working a lot to set the dates for the promotion, we want to find as much concerts as possible. We are also staring to write some new music, we have  many new ideas that we can’t wait to develop. In between all this we should do the shooting for a new videoclip, but at the moment I’m not sure of when it will happens.

How do you want people to feel when they listen to your music?

We have many subjects in our songs, that might be critics against society, things that we live, party songs, some more personal externation…so I think that it can’t be a single feeling that accomunate all of this. I just hope people could be interested.

Major influences: Who put you on this path?

I (Johnny, singer) think that the definition of Street Core fit perfectly to us, we basically play a mix of street punk and new york hardcore, but of course with many other influences, I never wanted to put limits in what we do…No Restraints, right? 😉
if I have to pick some names I’d say blood for blood, Ramallah, Bruisers, Madball, Agnostic Front, Warzone, Cro-mags, Biohazard, Toxpack, Slapshot, Business, Cock Sparrer, Rancid… I could go on for hours haha. Also Fere and Fax (Bass & guitar) are super Misfits fanatics.

If you had to flee the country as a band, where would you choose to live?

Germany, without a doubt. I love Berlin in particular.

What’s the ‘wow factor’ that makes YOU decide which songs to keep, record and release?

Well I’m not sure how to answer to this question, because we kept basically almost the songs we did. Some of them immediately comes out in a cool way, some other seemed weak at the beginning, but we worked on them a lot, trying differents arrangements and variations, so they ended up on the album aswell. We leave no one behind 🤣

What’s the most hilarious band memory you can think of?

When we did the shooting for “our warzone” videoclip it was a bit of a crazy day, there was a lot of our friends and skaters and we did it around our block and in a pub.  They (well, we) all started drinking very soon in the afternoon and after a couple of hours there was the skaters trying every kind of crazy tricks while we were playing, all other people making noise, and then we had to move to the pub for the last scene and things were a bit out of control. There are a couple of videos at the end of the day that are even embarassing haha. But it was funny.

What would be the title of the band’s biography?

Born on the edge, lived for revenge!

(damn it’s cool, isn’t it? I just made it up…i have to write a song like this)

What’s the next milestone you’d like to achieve as a band?

What I really would like is to do a proper tour with a tour bus and play around the world until I don’t know in what day, month or year are we in.

More realistically since our album is coming out soon I would like to sells all the copies of the first issues and play a lot of nice gigs. Then we will start again from that point and see where we can head 😉

Until we meet again,


Thanks a lot for this interview, we  are really happy to be on Metal Digest!!! – Johnny

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