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Bob Dee with Petro – ‘Idolmaker’

Sony Music
Cheap Trick, Goo Goo Dolls, The Beatles
Release Date
Sony Music
Hard/Pop Rock/Power Pop

Bob Dee and Petro have been straddling the line between Power Pop and Rock for some years now. ‘Idolmaker’ will appeal to older fans and assuredly garner several more. At first listen, these songs may be grouped into disposable fare. And you would be remiss to do so. There are a number of intangibles that merit further listening.

Songs alternate between the beefy and Blues-tinged (“Baby”) to shimmering and oddly hypnotic (“Light of the Moon”) to the forlorn (“Lost On You”).  A cover of the Paul Revere and the Raiders’ classic (or Monkees, depending on your memory) “Steppin’ Stone” is an interesting choice. The heavy compressed guitars, galloping drum patterns and Dee’s signature vocal delivery make this song quite compelling. And (bonus) may introduce younger folks to artists of yesteryear. 

Although the result is stellar, Dee’s voice is a bit too heavily enhanced at times, a bit more than on the band’s previous releases. I would like to hear Dee’s voice without the effects. My intuition tells it’s quite good. One way to find out; right Bob?

I found myself with these songs stuck in my head throughout the day. No mean feat, considering the amount of music I listen to. In other words, there are good and powerful forces at work here. Dee and Petro are on a positive trajectory; with ‘Idolmaker,’ I foresee more good things to come. 

"good things are coming the way of Bob Dee with Petro"

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