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Falls of Rauros – ‘Key to a Vanishing Future’

Enslaved, Shylmagoghnar, Djinn
Release Date
Black/Folk Metal

Blissfully selecting elements of progressive metal, folk metal and black metal, Falls of Rauros present their momentous new album ‘Key to a Vanishing Future”. A masterfully constructed LP, “Key to a Vanishing Future” features a wide variety of textures and timbres, percussion ranging from tribal to funky to aggressive, melodies evolving from hammering unity into grand disparity. This album gives a true sense of courage, introspection and a very yearning feel.

Black metal wretched screams, elysian instrumental folk passages lead to grandiose, precise guitar solos and vast proliferating sections filled with expertly crafted flow. Subdivisions range from generously swaying to vigorously barreling. The progressive nature is smoothly pressed into the fabric of “Key to a Vanishing Future”, with sections almost akin to Opeth’s sound, but more atmospheric.

What makes this album truly unique is its ability to seemingly weave in and out of styles, elegantly breaching boundaries of the aforementioned genres, without sounding janky or misshapen in any way. Although it could be subjectively argued that the mix could emphasise more low end – especially concerning the drums – this may be intentional and decisive.

In summary, this album reflects the rampant ecstasy of a seasoned metal band, displaying a truly insightful piece of immersive metal that will appeal to folk metal, black metal, progressive metal and post metal fans alike.

"Portland’s progressive folk black metal band Falls of Rauros reveal momentous sixth full length album: ‘Key to a Vanishing Future"

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