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Affection – ‘Remnants’

Omnicult Records
Stone Sour, Avenged Sevenfold, Five Finger Death Punch
Release Date
Omnicult Records
Modern Metal

Remnants: ‘what is left, when the greater part has been destroyed’, thank the Metal Gods the greater part of this album is not destroyed. Affection are a Finnish band formed in 2013 and have the modern rock/alternative metal feelings of Godsmack and Alter Bridge alongside clear influences from Megadeth and Alice in Chains.

Let’s get to it though… I loved it! It has been a while since a band has given me such with an all-round album from start to finish it is like getting a three-course meal with coffee straight after! The drummer stands out here and is an impressive powerhouse, unlike a lot of drummers, they do not just sit in the background keeping time and through the production they given the full attention whilst the guitars go full throttle throughout. Furthermore, the lyrics here are badass, rich and powerful and delivered with a Nordic accent which gives the whole thing a Viking feel sound that is actually quite melodic. Moreover, the different tempos throughout these ten songs means that ‘Remnants’ is a multifaceted delightful gem that can listen to over and over again as tracks such as ‘Highway of Denial’ evoke the fighting spirit being more like a renegade than a leftover remnant whilst ‘Transformation’ is a minute break perfectly placed just when the listener needs to take stock before straight back into it with the pace and power.

The whole album sizzles along and they need to be seen in the their natural live environment pay to seen them live and until then, it is a rollercoaster of emotions and what a ride! So, in that case, I’m off to buy the album and shirt!

"a huge rollercoaster of emotion"

Come on in!

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