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Wicked Garden – ‘Bipolarcoaster’ EP

Z Minus Records
Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains
Release Date
Z Minus Records
Alternative Rock/Grunge

                In the last decade, alternative rock has been massively on the rise, the number of bands picking up guitars, turning up the fuzz and creating is on the rise. However, this isn’t the sort of middle of the road alt rock/indie played to death by those certain platforms… you know the types. Instead, this is the 90’s style alternative rock with a grunge sound like 1992 never ended, one such band are Wicked Garden (grunge vibes right there) who are back with their latest EP ‘Bipolarcoaster’.

                What the listener gets here with ‘Bipolarcoaster’ is not only a great name for an EP, but a real nostalgia trip back into the early 90’s delivered with all the care and passion of a band which have grown up eating grunge. However, this is not a blatant grab at misty eyed nostalgia, the three tracks here may have the dual harmonies and riffs of Alice in Chains coupled with attitude and charisma of Scott Weiland to captivate the listener, but there is that modern twist, skills and sounds of hard rock revival learned from the last 30 years that actually opens Wicked Garden up to a huge demographic of listeners.

                Wicked Garden have released an absolute stunning EP of modern grunge. For those who like their alternative rock, this is definitely a release to acquire and a band with a bright future ahead of them.

"a band with a bright future ahead of them"

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