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No Names – ‘Piano 21’

Nadir Music
Alice In Chains, Seether, Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam
Release Date
Nadir Music
Alternative Rock/Grunge

                Truth be told, alternative rock has never been away, it just wasn’t what was ‘en vogue’ at the time, but more recently, alt rock has been on the rise again and one band stepping out into the alternative world are No Names. No Names may be the most label less alternative name going, but the grunge loving band have released their debut album ‘Piano 21’.

                Listening to ‘Piano 21’ is sort of like stepping into a time machine and setting the console to 1995. However, ‘Piano 21’ is not just a blatant nostalgia trip to the mid-90’s, this album is actually delivered through a wonderful modern production that reminds the listener what decade it actually is. Tracks such as ‘Sunday’, ‘Drop My Deed’ and ‘The Neverending Rock and Roll Show!” have all the grinding riffs and dual harmony vocals of Alice in Chains in their prime, but the really excel when they bring in elements of alternative, country and even bossa nova that would bring in fans of Stone Temple Pilots even more so with the vocals of EU who gives the versatile power and accessibility of the late Scott Weiland.

                Fans of alternative rock and grunge will like ‘Piano 21’, it’s a decent album with a lot of fun tracks, there some things to tidy up, but No Names have a solid foundation to build on.

"a decent album and solid base to build from"

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