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Pridelands – ‘Light Bends’

SharpTone Records
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SharpTone Records

Pridelands have been around since 2013 and they deliver metalcore done exceptionally well with further comparisons being made to Norma Jean and even Linkin Park. Visually, the album cover for ‘Light Bends’ shows the light refraction of an iris and is an enticing picture, able to drag the listener in.

‘Light Bends’ is composed of 11 songs that I have been listening to all week and have found myself continuing to do so following this review. In theory, the Big Bang came first so when waiting for it to occur, during first song ‘I Reach Into Your Heart’, the hook just didn’t quite happen, but fortunately, the guitars saved the day, dragging me straight back in. The best way to listen to ‘Light Bends’ is very loud through a decent pair of headphones, this allows the chugging guitars, heavy bass and the savage, screaming vocals a real 360-degree full circle experience.

However, all this being said, ‘Light Bends’ doesn’t exactly kick in or get into its stride until the track ‘Parted Time’ where the listener can easily get rid of some frustration and aggression and if you don’t have these issues, it will certainly make you have them by the end! Once in its stride, it is masterfully done; ‘The Lake Of Twisted Limbs’ in particular stands tall with high emotional prowess completed with an added synth keyboard it could easily be a standalone single. Furthermore, each song has a different vibe and ‘Light Bends’ feels like an intense journey with high energy and undercurrent with the likes of ‘Antipathy’ are built for the gig environment, able to induce a mosh pit anywhere, whereas the needle crackle and keyboard beginning to ‘The Sun Will Find Us’ will give you the style of goosebumps you get when you reach your destination.

Pridelands were nominated for the Best Heavy Act Music Victoria Awards 2021 and are a head turner in the metalcore scene. If this is your style, then they are definitely a band to keep an eye on. ‘Light Bends’ feels like an open-ended letter with no signature. There may be some work to do which allows the listener to uniquely identify the band as Pridelands, but they are definitely a band to keep an eye on.

"moody and atmospheric"

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