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Persefone – ‘Metanoia’

Napalm Records
Ne Obliviscaris, Disillusion, In Mourning, Amorphis, Nami
Release Date
Napalm Records
Progressive/Melodic Death Metal

                Sitting in the middle of the Pyrenees and sandwiched between France and Spain, the tiny, but beautiful country of Andorra is often overlooked, but even one of the smallest European countries is capable of providing the world with metal with one such band being Persefone who have released their latest album ‘Metanoia’.

                Persefone are a band which know exactly how to deliver top quality progressive metal coupled with just enough to melodic death metal to bring in fans that wouldn’t normally listen to prog metal and that is exactly what ‘Metanoia’ offers. ‘Metanoia’ manages to be massively accessible as tracks such as ‘Katabasis’ and ‘Architecture of the I’ have the touches of Opeth and Ne Obliviscaris as well as Amorphis and Mors Principium Est. But where ‘Metanoia’ really excels are the real progressive nitty gritties through the two closing epics; the first being a part three of the ‘Consciousness’ suite from the ‘Spiritual Migration’ album as well as the closing ‘Anabasis’ which really shows everything that Persefone are capable of being able to pique the interest of Dream Theater and Witherscape fans.

                For progressive metal, Persefone have raised the bar high for 2022 and the band can stand tall and proud of this fact because every other band from this genre have now got something to chase after and Persefone are way out in front.  

"Persefone have raised the bar high for 2022"

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