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Frank Palangi – ‘Frank Palangi V’ EP

Independent Release
Daughtry, HIM, Goo Goo Dolls, Bon Jovi, Seether, Nickelback
Release Date
Independent Release
Hard/Alternative/Indie Rock

It has been a miserable couple of years for Frank Palangi; the talented multi-musician had been riding the success of his fourth EP ‘Bring On The Fear’ when a freak accident made him lose his studio and pretty much everything else. This would cause some people to roll over and give up, but not Palangi, he channelled his energy into creating his fifth EP ‘’Frank Palangi V’.

                There have never been any doubts that Palangi can write a song, hell, there have been anthemic performances delivered on all of his work that have been well above the paygrade of an independent artist. But with ‘…V’, this is an album of rage, visceral anger and undeniable loss, everything that Palangi has been feeling is tied up into this EP which has the air of do or die about it. Tracks such as ‘Snake Eyes’, ‘Injection’ and especially ‘Fire of Love’ are amongst some of the best songs that Palangi has put to tape able to drag in fans from as far reaching as Bon Jovi, Daughtry and Nickelback through to Seether, Foo Fighters and even HIM without ever feeling like Palangi has comprised his integrity or jumping around genres.

                ‘…V’ is a great EP, it confirms everything that we already know about the musician, the fire inside is lit, and it would be interesting to see what a Frank Palangi full-length studio album would sound like.

"another great EP, but we need a full-length studio"

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