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Alfa Bravo – ‘SXE’ EP

Independent Release
Jawbreaker, Converge, Sonic Youth, Fugazi, Oathbreaker, At The Drive In
Release Date
Independent Release

Mike. Delta. Do you copy? Requesting review for Alfa Bravo. Repeat. Alfa Bravo. What began as a labour of love for musical gear on an Instagram page quickly morphed into a musical project known as Alfa Bravo and following the warm reception to debut single ‘Zulu’, an EP was born and titled ‘SXE’.

Comprising of three tracks that stick within the theme of the phonetic alphabet, ‘SXE’ gets its job done, in and out in just over 12 minutes. Alfa Bravo has no time for messing around, they want to get their message out there and to do this, they deliver a straight-edge hardcore sound through the tracks ‘Sierra’, ‘X-Ray’ and ‘Echo’. Yet, ‘SXE’ is not just a blatant hardcore nostalgia trip to a different time by ripping off Jawbreaker for example; this is an EP which takes in that sound and expands it to bring in elements of post-hardcore as well as deathcore as Alfa Bravo casts their net wide through the utilisation of different vocalists and themes which take in animal rights and veganism to addiction and recovery with all the power of Converge and Oathbreaker, but also Sonic Youth and Fugazi.

However, ‘SXE’ is not for everyone, there are no hooks to keep passers-by interested and its raw, assault of feedback and noise make this EP a difficult listen. Conversely, there are enough niche flourishes here to really attract a hardcore, zealous online following.

"a raw assault of straight-edged hardcore, noise and feedback"

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