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TodoMal – ‘Ultracrepidarian’

The Vinyl Division
Candlemass, Trouble, Pentagram, Hawkwind, Pink Floyd
Release Date
The Vinyl Division
Atmospheric Doom Metal

                For many, doom is the sound of crushing slow guitars and endless Black Sabbath worship that we’ve heard all before. However, dig beneath that stereotype and the listener will find lots of bands experimenting with how to take that Black Sabbath template and make it their own. One such band are TodoMal who have delivered their debut album ‘Ultracrepidarian’.

                When you think about it, doom is pretty sparse as it is, but with ‘Ultracrepidarian’ manages to wander out in the desolate wastelands, lie down and wait for the vultures to pick at its desiccated corpse. Now, this may sound dull, but au contraire, the Spanish band conjure up every inch of experience from their many years to create a loaded, vibrant landscape of sounds that fill the void with an atmospheric space feel that wouldn’t be out of place on an early Hawkwind album or the post-Sy Barrett/pre-‘Dark Side of the Moon’ Pink Floyd. Yet when those crushing riffs return, it’s the sound of Candlemass, Trouble and Pentagram doing violent and naughty things to Gong’s pot headed pixies. Poor pixies.

                TodoMal have delivered something decent with ‘Ultracrepidarian’, it may be too atmospheric for hardcore doom fans and it may be too doom for post-metal fans, but where they meet in the middle, it is very enjoyable.

"a loaded, vibrant landscape of sounds that fill the void"

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