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Psychoprism – ‘R.I.S.E.’

Pure Steel Records
Queensrÿche, Crimson Glory, Judas Priest
Release Date
Pure Steel Records
Power Metal

                For many, the late 80’s was a pinnacle for heavy metal, the glory days where bands such as Crimson Glory, Fates Warning and Queensrÿche ruled the more progressive end of the spectrum. This year has Psychoprism returning with their sophomore album ‘R.I.S.E.’ in a bid to give those late 80’s albums a run for their money.

                In all honesty, this is a close-run race, what Psychoprism have delivered with ‘R.I.S.E.’ is an album which is pure progressive and power metal. Yet, this is done in that late 80’s way where both genres were not always mutually exclusive as tracks such as ‘Devil in the Details’, ‘Turbulence’ and ‘Resistance’ roar the enjoyability of Crimson Glory and Queensrÿche as well as being able to tap base with the likes of Judas Priest and even Stratovarius. This is in part down to the absolutely superb vocals of Jess Rittgers who has a voice which soars like Geoff Tate in his prime and when coupled with the music in Psychoprism means that it gives all the enjoyability of what Judas Priest would sound like had they been fronted by Tate and not Rob Halford.

                Psychoprism have dropped a great album to round out 2021 in a great way. It has everything that any fan of classic metal could ever want and becomes more and more enjoyable with each listen.

"This has everything that any fan of classic metal could ever want "

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