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Keith LuBrant – ‘Sometimes There Are No Words’

Guitar One Records
Joe Satriani, Greg Howe, Paul Gilbert
Release Date
Guitar One Records
Instrumental/Hard Rock

LuBrant is clearly influenced by the greats. “Words” contains many shades of Richie Kotzen, Paul Gilbert, and the like.  Keith himself has stated this album is a “love letter” to those who shaped his sound. True, he may not be another Vai or Bettencourt, but by the same token, they are no Keith LuBrant. His playing is fiery and passionate and while there is great attention to detail, there is also a raw sense of spontaneity. ‘Words’ also features John LeComte (bass) and Will Regnier (drums). Beautifully recorded, the album allows each artist to shine brightly and compliment their counterparts.

While the tribute component is quite evident, ‘Words’ stillmanages to create its own instrumental road trip spanning several time zones, ever-changing topography, and glorious sunsets. This is open road music. Top down, top speed, and top notch. 

From mid-tempo numbers that yearn and sear (“Fact or Fiction”) to greasy rump shakers (“Keef’s Boogie”) to the emotive acoustic-based closer “Isolation,” this album paints a delightful and personal soundscape. As always, the narrative of instrumental music is only limited to what the mind allows. 

There are a few moments that sound a little too familiar, perhaps briefly crossing the line from homage to that of imitation, but as usual, I’ll let you find those for yourself. Alas, I am literally criticizing the man for sounding great. Kindly disregard that and give this album a spin or two or three. Let us know where your mind’s road trip takes you.

"the narrative of this album is only limited by your own mind"

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