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Kraemer – ‘All The Way’

Frontiers Records
Journey, Survivor, Tyketto, White Widdow, Eclipse
Release Date
Frontiers Records
Hard/Melodic Rock

                The name Simulacrum will be familiar to fans of Nordic progressive metal, the Finns have been a stalwart of that scene for the best part of a decade now as they blast their blend of accessible progressive metal to the masses. Headed by the powerful and versatile voice of Erik Kraemer, the Finn now steps out into his own spotlight with his debut album ‘All The Way’.

                In typical Frontiers Records style, assembled behind Kraemer are stellar musicians from various Frontiers bands, familiar names such as Alessandro Del Vecchio, Michele Sanna and Andrea Seveso help drive ‘Kraemer’ forward and even Kraemer himself steps out of his progressive metal comfort zone to demonstrate just how versatile his voice actually is by delivering some really, really good modern hard and melodic rock that continues to showcase just how alive this genre actually is. Tracks such as ‘The Kingdom Will Come’, ‘Loving a Stranger’ and the bouncing Friday night anthem ‘Tonight’ all have that big vibe of Survivor, Journey and Tyketto.

                Yeah, sure, this rather stereotypical release from Frontiers and a relatively safe release from Kraemer, but it lays down some really good foundations for the Finnish vocalist to build his own empire from and it is beautifully produced. If anyone says that this genre of music is dead and that they’ve worn their copy of ‘Raised On Radio’ out, then grab hold of them and shove ‘Kraemer’ down their throat until they admit (or stop resisting) that they were wrong.

"lays down some really good foundations for the Finnish vocalist to build his own empire from"

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