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Hellfox – ‘The Call’

Music for the Masses
Lacuna Coil, Amorphis, In Flames, Dark Tranquillity
Release Date
Music for the Masses
Gothic/Melodic Death Metal

I have not listened to an album from start to finish for a while having got myself stuck within the lockdown playlist loop. This Italian all girl band formed in the winter of 2019 with an aim to bring melodic death metal up to date with its haunting vocals and growling. Taking inspiration from Amorphis and In Flames, the band add in a portion of Lacuna Coil into most of the songs and that certainly isn’t a problem.

Imagine a jukebox muddle where 3 songs play at the same time but somehow manage to fit together just right and that’s the sound that ‘The Call’ has. The dualism of the vocals is not conflicting, they meld and fit together perfectly which has the feel that it was two sides of the same person. This is the band’s objective and as they promote their main aim which is to have many different voices of the same soul. The guitars are here are raw and the person behind the drums must be doing a full body workout, as it is those beats which manage to carry the whole album. The vocals are amazing, and they easily manage to hold their own against such as a strong background. This delivery allows the lyrics to be forceful throughout and the growling just plainly enhances the experience. The album flowed from one song to the next and it would make a train journey very pleasant. The distorted synths during the track ‘Haunted’ make this a personal highlight with its jewellery box finish (the sound it makes when opened) being a chilling end.

There seven songs here are enhanced by a remastered version of ‘Death Star’ released 2020, the album may be a little samey throughout but if this is your genre it is certainly a treat.

"The fearless execution and the angst completes it"

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