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Helleruin/De Gevreesde Ziekte – ‘Invincible’/’Ω’ (Split)

Babylon Doom Cult Records
Taake, Sargeist
Release Date
Babylon Doom Cult Records
Black Metal

H.P Lovecraft once said that atmosphere, not action is the great desideratum of weird fiction. Even though those words may hold truth to it’s weight, I’ve often found that they even transcend into the borders of music, for I rather bestow reverence not upon the piece that churns out a mixture of notes to seem grandiose in stature nor would I classify immaculate production to equate a hymn that be carven from pristine quality. For so whoever places there soul unto art, in my opinion, the birth of such construct results in the most honest pieces, for you are no longer listening to mere melodies strung together but instead you are basking in the aura of an ineffable experience that may be bred from the tears that fill a lacrimony or veins that spill forth ichor and rage.

‘Invincible/Ω’ by Helleruin and De Gevreesde Ziekte is a split that conjoins two spirits into one vessel birthing a splendor that ascends musical proportions but instead paints with the atmosphere to summon forth the most visceral and ritualistic listening experience. There is a difference between one who gazes at an image of a forest that is consumed by the ravenous flames while being bruised by the rain, for you can only imagine the heat and the smell of acrid smoke but you cannot feel it’s steaming breath upon your flesh and the witness the flames that dance in ecstacy towards the heavens. Where this split is concerned, in my humble opinion, it achieves the later where it ushers the listener to through the vast depths that is sculpted from the clay of these atmospheric proportions, where you your senses are submerged in its essence, for you are no longer fixated on a static image rather you are apart of a fluid scenery

Side A, ‘Invincible‘ by Helleruin conjures forth a tenebrous energy to its tracks, for at times it feels as though you are bearing witness to a conduit that channels the most primordial elements that are transmuted to it’s most crude sounds. For one who may be reading this, the description may arrive as a negative, but it is quite the opposite, as it is within it’s raw demeanor that offers a potent voyage for one’s mind to dwell in it’s confinements. ‘We Rush Ahead’ and ‘Invincible’ are tracks which attest to the statement where the atmosphere that is woven feels organic in the air that is exhaled both from the production and instruments. The sound masks itself in a rather dried-out manner where the vocals and instruments are embedded within it’s skin, and while to some this may dissuade you, again it’s this juxtaposition that offers the beauty radiated by Helleruin’s ‘Invincible’.

If Helleruin’s side represented the sonic attributes of nature that is decimated and barren, De Gevreesde Ziekte’s side (‘Ω’) would be the malefic spirit manifested from stygian waters, while aesthetically flowing from similar veins as Helleruin. Where De Gevreesde Ziekte differs is in its aggressive output, as the musical patterns adopt a bellicostic candor, for instance, take the track, ‘Zwartgallig’ where it’s serpentine riffs coiling in different shapes matches the same frequency with the vocals that are spewed with malice, this combination is carried throughout this of the split that offers the listener a plethora of unbridled emotions burrowed within each note expelled.

Built of the bones of old school Black Metal where both bands are able to bottle the primal and archaic essence is a rather commendable feat, but in summary, the split’s merits doesn’t end here, for Helleruin and De Gevreesde Ziekte , both the chosen production as well as the musical architecture becomes the very sinew and flesh that drapes these bones, shaping it into a beast of a different image, but it is the very atmosphere which becomes the breathe that fills this creature’s nostrils, the outcome? A work of art that carries the listener upon an orphic  journey.

"A split that captures the aura of old school Black Metal but focuses upon the atmosphere, creating an immersive experience"

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