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Brandy and the Butcher – ‘BGF’

Independent Release
Suzi Quatro, The Stooges, The Runaways, Blondie
Release Date
Independent Release
Punk/New Wave

‘BGF’ may mean beautiful girlfriend, a reference to their 2018 ‘Pretty Girls’ album. Alternatively, it could be their last album, 2020’s ‘Dick Circus’, an apt name for that year! Place your answers on a postcard please! This song is retro, but certainly not dated, three ex-army musicians are joined by vocalist Miss Hale beginning with a spacey start before the clever bass intro draws you in with a steady beat that did make my head bop and foot tap on the bus (good sign). Then the ride begins with the vocals having just enough grit to make it feel like a dirty grind of punk. With a side order of guitars, the drums are the perfect backdrop of melodic rock song with a Suzi Q vibe. The lead guitar riff has enough muscles whilst the middle has more than a touch of Led Zeppelin and I didn’t mind that it kicks in again before being ramped up to the max and then you know… the ear worms have got you!

In conclusion, ‘BGF’ has all the feel of new wave meets vintage rock and would certainly appeal to fans from these genres.

"a unique chemistry which certainly makes us look forward to the album"

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