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Scarecrow – ‘Scarecrow II’

Independent Release
Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Rush, Budgie
Release Date
Independent Release
Progressive Rock

You remember the telephone booth from the ‘Bill and Ted’ films? The one they travelled back in time to bring back historical figures? It’s been out of mothballs once again; and this time it went to the 1970’s.

Scarecrow hail from the dark heavy industrial city of Perm in the shadow of Russia’s Ural Mountains, and you’ll quickly pick up on their love for, and fascination with 70’s Rock, Metal, and Blues. With strong influences of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Rush, and all manner of American Psyche-Metal bands by the dozen, they unashamedly live out their favourite decade for all its worth.

So why not just go and listen to the classic original forebears of the 70’s themselves? Scarecrow have a certain something about them that’s undeniably fun, maybe it’s all a bit Spinal Tap without the jokes, but there’s nothing not to like. There are some great high register vocals from lead singer Artemis, and nice chops and solos from Max. Also running in the “should I buy this” race is the rhythm section of Elyjah on bass and Vadim on the sticks, they propel the songs along very sweetly in a much more than workmanlike fashion.

"I've heard loads of stuff like this when I was the geeky Metal Kid at school"

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