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Avant-garde Metal Band KEKAL release new video for “Born Anew”

Indonesian avant-garde/experimental entity Kekal just published a new Music Video “Born Anew”.

This new single is the 2nd from the newly recorded material to later form the yet-untitled upcoming 2022 full-length album (the 1st single “Anthropos Rising” was released in November last year). Without being afraid to expand further into wider musical territories and different production methods, “Born Anew” also keeps the familiar approach to what Kekal has been known for years; with all the variety of musical expressions packaged within an individual track.”Born Anew” is now available for free download/name-your-price on their Bandcamp page, and also accompanied with the Music Video which can be watched on YouTube. Streaming on various mainstream platforms will follow on February 2nd, 2022.Thematically, the lyrics and video describe the process of ascension, which is currently happening on Earth at a faster rate; awakening, activating and upgrading the codes on human DNA that is manifesting as the transformation of our cellular structures from carbon-based to the crystalline-based in order to ready ourselves for higher dimensional holographic realities. The music video also shows the “mirror-aspect” in which the dark forces at the same time attempt to create the path of descension of humanity, towards their transhumanism agenda with the goal of total control and enslavement, by connecting programmable human DNA structures to the artificial-intelligence.Kekal is known for its unusual and against-the-grain presentations within its musical spectrum to the point of controversy. Since its inception in 1995, they have moved toward multiple uncharted territories by blending elements from black metal, harsh noise, dark ambient, IDM, jazz, dub, and synth/wave music to name a few. The band is currently preparing for a new album, their 13th studio album, that is planned to be released sometime this year as they stubbornly continue to keep presenting limitless human expressions without setting the limits. For Kekal, musical exploration is considered as one important method of self-actualization. Even when people tag the band as avant-garde metal, experimental rock, progressive metal, electronic, or just plain “weird”, none of these labelings could really describe the essence of Kekal’s music.
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