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Crystal Throne – ‘Crystal Throne’

Independent Release
Iron Maiden, Helloween, Queensrÿche, Edguy, Traveler
Release Date
Independent Release
Heavy Metal

Trad metal follows no national trend, you know why? Because good metal doesn’t need borders to define it. Although trad metal focus is often fixated primarily on North America and Scandinavia, one such band who hail from beyond this are Crystal Throne from France who have thrown their hat into the ring with their self-titled debut album.

                When it comes to this style of music, is there any need to comment that none of the sounds are really new? The answer? No. Why would it be? That’s what trad is all about, get your leathers, get your spikes and rock out like its 1984. This is exactly what ‘Crystal Throne’ does with a fantastic album which hits the very heart of old-school heavy metal, it pulls hard on the nostalgia and we get all misty eyed, before dragging the listener kicking and screaming into the 20’s with a real metal kick in the knackers with tracks such as ‘Rise to Glory’, ‘Steelbirds’ and ‘Valkyrie Ride’ having all the enjoyability of Helloween, Queensrÿche and Edguy. Furthermore, Crystal Throne have a fantastic vocalist in the shape of Terry DeFire whose voice gives Crystal Throne all the power of Bruce Dickinson in his prime.

                  ‘Crystal Throne’ is a fantastic album of solid trad metal and fans of old-school metal should seek this album out, it will certainly not disappoint.

"excellent trad metal that old-school fans should go out and immediately hunt"

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