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The Ferrymen – ‘One More River to Cross’

Frontiers Records
Jorn, Allen/Lande, Lords of Black, Dio, Masterplan
Release Date
January 21, 2022
Frontiers Records
Power Metal

                Ronnie Romero, Mike Terrana and Magnus Karlsson are not the sort of people who sit on their laurels, this is quite possibly one of the busiest trios in the business and not even a global pandemic could stop The Ferrymen from recording and releasing their third album ‘One More River to Cross’.

                Any fans of The Ferrymen will already know that this is a band which has consistently delivered high-quality power metal since 2016 and naturally, ‘One More River…’ is of no exception. Sure, this album clocks in at just under an hour, so there is a lot to take in over the course of its 11 tracks, but ‘One More River…’ is also very rewarding and enjoyable. All the musicians are on top form resulting in tracks such as ‘One Word’ ‘Morning Star’ and the title track being some of the most memorable of all The Ferrymen works. Furthermore, all this may not have been possible without the vocals of Ronnie Romero whose Dio-esque roar provides the perfect helmsman the steer this ferry forward.

                It was going to be a tall order to match 2019’s ‘A New Evil’, but The Ferryman have accomplished this easily. It would be unfair to say that ‘One More River…’ surpasses the previous two albums, but it certainly equals them and in the grand scheme of things, given the stellar output, that is a really good position to be in.

"another solid offering of power metal from The Ferrymen"

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