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Amon Amarth – ‘Once Sent From The Golden Hall’

Metal Blade Records
Wulfgar, Valkenrag, Wolfheart, Vinterblot
Release Date
Metal Blade Records
Melodic Death Metal

This morning in the Metal Digest office we’re getting out longships ready to board and cranking the volume up on ‘Once Sent from the Golden Hall’, the 1998 debut album from Amon Amarth. The the Swedish melodic death metallers, this was Lindisfarne all over again, the world quaked in fear of the Pagans rushing ashore to rape, pillage and loot as the band melded the pure power of Swedish melodic death metal with Viking history and folklore to create what would become one of the most successful metal bands currently in the world. So this morning, grab your axe and begin your victorious march with the album where it all started for Amon Amarth!

Come on in!

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