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Skid Row – ‘Skid Row’

Release Date
Atlantic Records
Glam/Heavy Metal/Hard Rock

This afternoon in the Metal Digest office we’re cranking up the volume on the self-titled 1989 debut album from Skid Row. Yeah sure, 1989 this music was beginning to wane, but Skid Row gave it a big kick up the arse and quite possibly managed to extend the shelf-life of Glam Metal just that little bit longer. The band had it all, the hair, the bad boy attitude, more leather than a London sex shop and a loudmouth talismanic frontman in Sebastian Bach and they set about taking the world by storm. So this afternoon, crank up the volume on a Glam Metal classic, get your best Rachel Bolan nose ring and strike your best Seb Bach pose and go middle-aged gone wild! Before the kids get home from school of course…

Come on in!

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