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Kissin’ Dynamite – ‘Not the End of the Road’

Napalm Records
Pretty Maids, Sister Sin, Reckless Love, Crazy Lixx
Release Date
January 21, 2022
Napalm Records
Heavy Metal/Hard Rock

Grab some cans, pour some the liquor, lay out of the illicit substances, crank up the music, bring on the dancin’ girls and put the champagne on ice. Some bands just know how to party, they’re in living in the fastlane and ‘avin’ it large. One such band are Kissin’ Dynamite who over the course of 15 years or so have partied their way around the world with good ol’ hard rock and heavy metal vibes and now they are releasing their latest album ‘Not the End of the Road’.

                With ‘Not the End…’, Kissin’ Dynamite once again crank up the volume and the hard rocking guitars as the band deliver catchy and accessible songs with anthemic chorus’ that are built for the live environment that is packaged up within a great production, it rattles the speakers and allows every instrument to be heard, tempting, just ever so tempting the listener to turn it up just a little more every few minutes. Tracks such as ‘Yoko Ono’, ‘Only the Dead’ and the massively enjoyable ‘No One Dies a Virgin’ allows the listener to belt it out loud, whenever and wherever they are with all the enjoyability of Pretty Maids, Dynazty and Sister Sin, but also reaching into the realms of H.E.A.T., Reckless Love and Crazy Lixx.

                There is an overarching feeling of familiarity to ‘Not the End…’, yes we’ve heard it before, but we also don’t care, it’s a big cuddle from your favourite 80’s artists without a hint of shame or guilt, Kissin’ Dynamite have once against released an excellent album of hard rock/heavy metal that will to quote Jack Black: “rock your fuckin’ socks off!”

"catchy and accessible songs with anthemic chorus’ that are built for the live environment"

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