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Dirtbag Republic – ‘Tear Down Your Idols’

Shock/Vanity Music
Hanoi Rocks, Rolling Stones, Cheap Trick, Aerosmith
Release Date
November 26, 2021
Shock/Vanity Music
Hard Rock, Punk, Glam Rock

You pick up your favourite rock mag, or open your “go to” e-zine (Metal Digest of course), and being totally honest you want to discover something so dark and edgy it will almost instantly make you 37% cooler just knowing. This album isn’t edgy and cool, it’s nothing you haven’t heard before. What it is though is top notch balls out hard rocking punk-tinged fun that you’ll have in your car’s CD player for ages just because.

Canada’s Dirtbag Republic bring us their third album of their undeniably catchy and trashy blend of 80’s Cock Rock and shout-along Punk with “Tear Down Your Idols”, and unless your head is so far up your own arse you are no longer capable of occasionally enjoying listening to music, you’ll love it. You might only love it once; it’s old-school simple Hard Rock that we’ve known and enjoyed for years and has frankly been done to death, and it will probably not stand up to repeated critical listening sessions. It’s ace fucking fun though. And it’s not Kiss.

If you want some bar room bragging rights, you could contrast and compare this to Iron Lizard’s most excellent 2021 release “Hungry for Action”. Similarly, just awesome no holds barred fun. Not setting the world alight, not dazzling with 17/3-time signatures and impenetrable lyrics you can’t hear anyway because they are screamed through a megaphone run through a Boss Metal zone turned up to 12. Just chill out guys, put on your ancient battle vest and just have some fun.

"Nothing particularly new, but fuck fashion and just enjoy the ride"

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