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TYGERS OF PAN TANG new EP out in February also in vinyl

Previously announced as a digipack CD release, with the vinyl version coming later this week, the new EP from the NWOBHM legendary band TYGERS OF PAN TANG will be available in vinyl LP upon the released date – February 25th – after all.

To celebrate this gift from the factory plant, which granted the Tygers a much higher position in the production map, the “A New Heartbeat” EP in vinyl is already on pre-sales in Targetshop.
What did the Tygers do when the world was locked down? Well, quite a lot as it happens. For a start a new guitarist, Francesco Marras, and a new bass player, Huw Holding were recruited. They were also proud to collect a music industry award from Hard Rock Hell as winners in the NWOBHM section. And … if that wasn’t enough, they have written and demoed their next album and produced a new four-track EPThe EP features two rerecorded tracks from their first album “Wild Cat” plus two new tracks. “Fireclown” and “Killers” from “Wild Cat” now firmly bear Francesco’s musical stamp and new tracks “A New Heartbeat” and “Red Mist” demonstrate what might be expected from the next Tygers album – the Tygers signature sound of heavy as hell riffs, finger knotting solos and Jack Meille’s vocals extraordinaire. The mix was executed by Marco Angioni at Angioni Studios and, as with all recent Tygers releases, the mastering was completed by Harry Hess.The EP will be released both in vinyl and digipack CD on February 25th. But the CD version is already available to purchase from the Tygers website and directly from their record company Mighty Music/Target Group.Robb Weir commented ““Fireclown” and “Killers” are much neglected Tygers gems. They are rarely played live but often requested so we thought it would be interesting to hear a modern take on them. Visiting the past brings back so many memories for us and, I’m guessing, for Tygers followers”. Jack Meille added: “Lockdown may have prevented us from playing live but it couldn’t curtail the creative spirt that has resulted in the creation of “A New Heartbeat” and “Red Mist” for this single”.

Robb Weir: guitar
Francesco Marras: guitar
Jack Meille: vocals
Gav Grey: bass (on the EP)
Huw Holding: bass
Craig Ellis: drums


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