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Infirmum – ‘The Great Unknown’ EP

Independent Release
Draconian, My Dying Bride, Tristinia, Saturnus, Swallow the Sun
Release Date
January 14, 2022
Independent Release
Death/Doom Metal

                It takes some real skill to do death/doom correctly, without that certain panache, the genre can quickly become an exercise in tearful generic boredom as the listener prays for death to end the monotony. However, Infirmum are not one of those bands, from their 2020 debut, the bands have navigated the cold waters of the Baltic to deliver their latest EP ‘The Great Unknown’.

                Clocking in at just over 21 minutes with just three tracks, the listener has a lot to explore here and what Infirmum deliver with ‘The Great Unknown’ is an album which is well produced allowing every instrument to be clearly heard, from the wonderful arrangements to the fantastic duality between the clean and harsh vocals of Taka Eliel and Anna Rose where light and dark collide to create an interesting music landscape which captivates the listener by adding a touch of Gothic into the Infirmum sound. This does mean that ‘The Great Unknown’ has all the hallmarks of Draconian, Saturnus and Swallow the Sun as well as touches of Tristania and The Sins of Thy Beloved.

                If this is the sound of just three tracks on an EP, then it raises the bar high for Infirmum’s next studio offering because there is something very good going on here and it will be interesting to see how the Finns approach their next project.

"Infirmum raise the bar exceptionally high"

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