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Prognostication – ‘Collapse’

Independent Release
Between the Buried and Me, Cardiacs, The Contortionist, Opeth, Anakim
Release Date
July 23, 2021
Independent Release
Progressive Metal

Sometimes it’s hard to listen to a multi-instrumentalist/one man band without a crushing sense of inadequacy. Can’t find the time to practise guitar right now? Those guys have to find it for guitar, bass, drums, keys, and probably recording and mixing too. All the while being better at your chosen instrument than you are, and most likely looking like they’ve just showered after a gym session lifting 400lb’s one handed while seducing your girlfriend.

Missouri’s Prognostication, Allen Gingerich to his nearest and dearest, is one of them. Whether or not he has the muscles and looks is a question for someone else to say, what I can say for certain is he sure has the musical ability.

When complexity is what turns you up to the max, this deserves a place on your playlist. By turns as jazzy and jumping as Between the Buried and Me, as punky/spiky as The Cardiacs, as impenetrably dense as Necrophagist; this is a Prog Metal delight from start to finish. Standout track “Voyage” is worth the entry fee alone; there is almost no direction this song doesn’t turn, making 10 minutes fly by while you try to keep up with the sensory overload. One damned fun ending too! With Death-y vocals, and some outrageously kitsch shredded/duetted solo guitar side by side in songs with mind-bending time signatures and huge tonal leaps, and yet flow as freely as some of the genre’s most established artists and bands, Allen Gingerich has set the bar particularly high for this debut full-length.

Already looking forward to the next one.

"A striking debut, with really strong writing and playing. Don’t you just hate people like this?"

Come on in!

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