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Blood – ‘Dysangelium’ (Reissue)

Vic Records
Impetigo, Nuclear Death, Repulsion, Dead Infection, Blasphemy
Release Date
January 21, 2022
Vic Records
Death Metal/Grindcore

                Sometimes, the underground is the place to be, you don’t get the flak thrown at those bands in the big leagues, you don’t get the wishy-washy fans who only care about the YouTube video singles which they can put in their playlist. No, what you get is a legion of hardcore fans willing to purchase and swallow up everything you release. The statement applies to Blood as the German band have just had their seminal ‘Dysangelium’ album from 2003 reissued.

                Quality over quantity and during the course of their career, Blood haven’t put a foot wrong in the death/grind world and what the listener gets with this latest reissue with a wonderfully remastered release of ‘Dysangelium’. Throughout these monstrous 22 tracks, each instrumental can be clearly heard, precision honed to slice away at the flesh in under 40 minutes of gory blasphemy. Furthermore, not only can ‘Dysangelium’ be acquired on CD, but all those vinyl aficionados can now grab a copy of this album on your favourite format and get all the snap, crackle and pop that your little heart desires.

                In all honesty, this is a reissue which does have a limited scope, ‘Dysangelium’ is a cult album by a cult band, but for those fans of Blood, they can once again get the chance to own a piece of death/grind history on their desired format. 

"the chance to once again own a piece of death/grind history on your desired format"

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