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Bring to Bear – ‘Light to Shadow’ EP

Independent Release
Amaranthe, Nemesea, Delain
Release Date
October 8, 2021
Independent Release
Symphonic Folk/Metal

Newbies Bring to Bear have entered the stage with their debut EP ‘Light to Shadow’. It is only three songs, one of which is a cover of ‘No One Knows’ by Queens of the Stone Age. Covering such a well-known song, especially when you’re fresh on the scene is always a bold move. Bring to Bear have put their own spin on this classic, adding their folk twist, most notably with an accordion throughout the opening riff. By doing so they have changed the whole vibe of the song and yet have still done it justice, this risk was worth it as it has absolutely paid off.

‘The Shadow Ruse’ and ‘From the Abyss’ showcase the bands original work. With clear, strong vocals, energetic guitar and keyboard work, and complex drum melodies paired with complimentary accordion, these three songs leave the listener waiting in anticipation for further releases from the band. It is disappointing that the EP is so small, which is a compliment more so than a critique.

"this EP leaves the listener waiting in anticipation for further releases "

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