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Fixing the world with Infected Rain

Moldova’s premier Metal outfit Infected Rain have returned with a new album full of impact and intent, featuring collaboration with Butcher Babies’ Heidi Shepherd, and a new level of the polished, brutal sound that fans will be all too happy to hear. After the success of prior albums ‘86’ and ‘Endorphin’, the only way is surely up from here. We sat down to discuss the new album, the importance of socially conscious music, and the band’s future plans.

Welcome to Metal Digest! It seems only yesterday the world was treated to ‘Endorphin’, and now ‘Ecdysis’ is here with a bang; how has the response been from your perspective? Is it gaining the love and attention it deserves?

  • The feedback is absolutely beautiful! We are getting a lot of love and people constantly share it which is the best reward for a musician in my opinion.

Concerning the deeply linked sound across the album, and the focus on longer, more progressive tracks; was this direction something you’ve set out specifically to create, or has it been a natural effect of writing songs from a more experienced perspective?

  • We didn’t intentionally plan this. In my opinion it’s just something that come to us naturally in that specific time and environment. It was how we felt in that moment in time and the emotion behind it that dictated this specific sound, I think.

In today’s world, one that seems more divided than ever, would you say that music that focuses on relevant issues needs to be taken more seriously? Should more bands take the initiative to use their platform to highlight issues they feel strongly about?

  • I think music and art in general is the best vehicle for delivering emotions. It’s very cleansing and refreshing to write and/or sing about them. Artists should definitely use it more.

Drawing from personal experience has been a major part of your lyrics from the very beginning. Is this any more difficult to achieve now you’re enjoying a decent amount of success; at least enough to make a true career out of?

  • Not at all. Life is very interesting, full with ups and downs , just like a rollercoaster. There is so much going on all the time, i can’t even imagine having nothing to write about. That seems impossible to me.

If I was to discover Infected Rain through a streaming service, often the first track shown is ‘Orphan Soul’ from 2017. Is this streaming services’ algorithms struggling to keep up with the evolution of bands, or do you feel this is still representative of you at your best?

  • I think this is just the algorithm. We definitely consider newer material to be more accurate when it comes to representing a band.

So, now you’re signed to a major label, with a devoted fanbase, and gaining popularity at a healthy rate, I’d assume the next step is world domination. Could you give us any hint as to how you’ll do it?

  • By getting back into playing as many shows as possible. that’s what we love doing the most.

Finally, what advice can you impart for anyone in a new band, or aiming to start one? Any tips and tricks to keep motivated?

  • Be yourself, work hard and believe in yourself. Don’t ever try to sound like someone else! Be authentic and sincere with your art!

Thank you for your time, and good luck in whatever comes next on your fascinating rise to fame!

  • thank you so much for having me!
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Lena Scissorhands – Vocals
Vadim Ojog “Vidick” – Guitar
Sergey Babici – Guitar
Vladimir Babici – Bass
Eugene Voluta – Drums


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