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Malignament – ‘Hypocrisis Absolution’

Primitive Reaction
White Death, Malum, Satanic Warmaster
Release Date
September 24, 2021
Primitive Reaction
Black Metal

                For what is often considered to be a niche genre, there are a hell of a lot of black metal bands out there. This can have a downside though, not every band is great with many bands lurking in a quagmire of generic sounds and therefore, it takes some real skill to stand out. One duo who are stepping out of this are Malignament who have released their debut album ‘Hypocrisis Absolution’.

                For fans of black metal, this is black metal done right. ‘Hypocrisis Absolution’ is not an album which piss arses about with elements of ‘post’, ‘raw’ or ‘atmospheric’ taglines, balls to that. This is black metal done in the style of those pioneering second wave black metallers and serves to remind the listener why they love the genre in the first place. Through a decent production designed to sound much older than it is, tracks such as ‘Wolf and the Moon’, ‘Storm and Chaos Within’ and ‘Like Rats They Followed’ have all the bleak, cold assault of White Death, Malum and Satanic Warmaster unleashing the full fury of the Finnish winter.

                There isn’t anything here that fans outside of black metal will like, but what Malignament deliver here is a superb album of proper black metal that old school fans of the genre will absolutely adore. They may even smile… but let’s not go ‘too’ far.

"the full fury of the Finnish winter"

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