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Wolfbastard – ‘Hammer the Bastards’

Clobber Records
Darkthrone, Wormwitch, Scumpulse, Sodom, Hellhammer, Venom
Release Date
January 14, 2022
Clobber Records
Black/Thrash Metal/Crust

                Get drunk, play loud metal, get a kebab, eat kebab, fall over, fall asleep and/or piss yourself. There are many bands which follow this mantra and no one lives and breathes this lifestyle as much as Wolfbastard as the band from Northern England release their latest album ‘Hammer the Bastards’.

                With ‘Hammer the Bastards’, this is the sort of music that is so raw the DWP think its fit to work, it doesn’t need to be polished, it’s not perfect, it’s not photoshopped, but it is warts n’ all and it doesn’t mind the public seeing its sweat patches or crooked teeth. This was a band raised on Motörhead before they discovered things that were heavier, ‘Hammer the Bastards’ kills the grass in a 5m radius of the stereo as tracks such as ‘Can’t Escape the Grave’, ‘Buckfast Blasphemies’, ‘Graveyard Slag’ and ‘Pissing on the Sacred Ground’ manage to drag in fans from the likes of Venom, Hellhammer and Sodom, but also appeal to those who like it heavier than that. There is a crust here to this album, touching the likes of Darkthrone, Scumpulse and Wormwitch and that crust is stale, rotten, covered in blue mould, but you eat it anyway because its fucking good.

                ‘Hammer the Bastards’ won’t appeal to anyone outside of its genre, but the band don’t need that, they thrive in this dark, dank environment and they’ve delivered a great album that goes well with a bottle of Buckfast at 9am. 

"Wolfbastard kill the grass in a 5m radius of the stereo"

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