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Tony Martin – ‘Thorns’

Battlegod Productions
Black Sabbath, Dio, Rainbow, Sorcerer
Release Date
January 14, 2022
Battlegod Productions
Heavy Metal

                Tony Martin does not get the credit he deserves, following a turbulent five years, the man stepped up to the microphone stand and helped stabilise the Black Sabbath ship that was in a very real danger of sinking. Although, that was in the past and now, 17 years after his last solo outing, Martin has returned with his latest album ‘Thorns’.

                Much like his work on his previous album ‘Scream’, ‘Thorns’ continues to plough the heavy vein. ‘Thorns’ is actually heavier than ‘Scream’, Martin may have not released anything in 17 years, but he’s been waiting, watching and biding his time and ‘Thorns’ shows that Martin has his finger on the pulse as to how to do classic sounding metal in a modern setting. Through a great production, tracks such as ‘As the World Burns’, ‘Black Widow Angel’ and ‘Run Like the Devil’ show that Martin has lost none of his prowess since his Sabbath days and any fans of ‘Cross Purposes’ will certainly love this especially the title track with its slow burning melodic feel.

                There are some ‘odd’ bits on ‘Thorns’ though, the almost funky industrial bridge to ‘Black Widow Angel’ definitely raises an eyebrow whilst ‘This Is Your Damnation’ just feels out of place, if not very humorous. But, ultimately, that doesn’t really matter, what Tony Martin has released is a great album of heavy metal that can be played over and over again.

"Tony Martin has lost none of his prowess since his Sabbath days"

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