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Cap Outrun – ‘High On Deception’

Frontiers Records
First Signal, Lionville, Work of Art, Shadows Fade, Care of Night
Release Date
December 10, 2021
Frontiers Records
Melodic Rock

‘High On Deception’ is the debut full-length album by Cap Outrun, and what a debut it is! What starts off with a very ‘stadium rock’ feel quickly turns into an interesting array of harmonic melodies with jazzy undertones flawlessly flowing into heavier motifs and a smooth, exotic sound creeping in through some tracks. Each song through this album has a unique sound and feel, it almost feels like multiple genres in one album, all the while perfectly showcasing Chandler Mogel’s strong vocals.

The powerful guitar solos of founding member Andrée Theander are stunning and memorable, especially in ‘The Shade of the Masquerade’. ‘Our Brightest Day’ is a firm favourite, a gorgeous melody accompanying beautiful vocals and lyrics, potentially leaving the listener somewhat emotional. The album, however, ends on a strange note with ‘Dopamine Overflow’, which unfortunately is more like ‘overload’, as it feels a little out of place with the rest of the tracks and it almost kind of sours the mood that develops whilst listening.

Overall, with a very interesting sound, this album will leave those who like an eclectic mix wanting much more from Cap Outrun, firmly securing a solid fanbase yearning for future releases.

"this album will leave those who like an eclectic mix wanting much more from Cap Outrun"

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