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Nefariym – ‘Morbid Delusions’

Inverse Records
Morbid Angel, Autopsy, Obituary, Deicide
Release Date
September 24, 2021
Inverse Records
Death Metal

With a lot of death metal tearing itself into many different directions as bands incorporate large elements of modern sounds and styles into the death metal formula, it is hardly surprising that  this is causing many bands to abandon it completely in favour of an old-school death metal sound. One such band are Nefariym with the Australian band blasting out of Melbourne with their debut album ‘Morbid Delusions’.

                If you’re after an old-school death metal sound done right, the way you remember death metal, then ‘Morbid Delusions’ is the way to go. Immediately, this is a band that know what they are doing, the sound of a band with a real integrity doing death metal the way it should be. It isn’t ‘coreified’, pig squealingly brutal or so technical it makes your brain wither; this is balls to the wall death metal as tracks such as ‘Tearing the Flesh from the Bone’, ‘Monolithic Dread’ and ‘Succubus’ growl with all the power of Morbid Angel, Obituary and Autopsy in their prime. This is all wrapped up and delivered through a modern production that allows the old-school to shine brightly as Nefariym stick to their guns without ever losing sight of that goal.

                This is an album which death metal fans are bound to love. It won’t do anything for those not versed in death metal ways, but you knew that already. However, what Nefariym have delivered is a solid album of death that leaves the listener wanting more.

"a solid album of old school death metal"

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