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Wilderun – ‘Epigone’

Century Media Records
Between The Buried And Me, Dream Theater, Opeth, Lör, Wintersun, Devin Townsend, The Devin Townsend Band
Release Date
January 7, 2022
Century Media Records
Progressive Metal

                Some bands have to try really hard to be ‘progressive’, they sit there, overthink every part to see how far they can push it. Other bands just know how to do it, it comes naturally and nothing seems forced or overthought. One such band are Wilderun who know exactly how to do this, it comes so naturally and now the band are back with their latest album ‘Epigone’.

                Once again, ‘Epigone’ is the sound of Wilderun delivering a masterclass in progressive metal. ‘Epigone’ is a pleasure to listen to, it is wonderfully produced allowing every single instrument and passage to be heard. However, this isn’t delivered in the usual progressive metal production style, where everything is often sanitised of life with the whole thing feeling clinical and sterile. Instead, ‘Epigone’ is a warm record, it provides an accessibility which implores the listener to continue not just listening to the album, but playing it repeatedly. This does mean that tracks such as ‘Woolgatherer’, ‘Identifier’ and the ‘Distraction’ suite have all the enjoyability of Between the Buried and Me, Dream Theater and Lör, but also appealing to Devin Townsend’s various projects and even Opeth.

                With ‘Epigone’, Wilderun have kept the bar high, taken a run up and cleared it with ease, they have hit the nail on the head once again. It is another excellent piece of progressive metal that they can string their bow with and worth getting your teeth into.

"Wilderun have kept the bar high, taken a run up and cleared it with ease"

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