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Nocturnal Graves – ‘An Outlaw’s Stand’

Season of Mist Underground Activists
Deströyer 666, Gospel of the Horns, Razor of Occum, Vomitor, Destruktor
Release Date
January 7, 2022
Season of Mist Underground Activists
Blackened Thrash/Death Metal

                There is a running trend at the moment, who is the most brutal band? Who can out brutal the brutal, brutal, brutal, brutal, brutal, et tu brutal? Who cares? Those who know how to do brutality don’t bang on about and one such band are Nocturnal Graves who are back after four years to deliver their latest album ‘An Outlaw’s Stand’.

                ‘An Outlaw’s Stand’ is not some weird concept album about Ned Kelly, instead, the band know exactly what they are doing as they barrel down the gauntlet of aggressive guitars, pummelling drums and vocals capable of committing GBH with the band encapsulating everything that Australia has to offer the death metal world. To do this, tracks such as ‘Law of the Blade’, ‘Death to Pigs’ and ‘Ruthless Fight’ have all the power of Vomitor, Razor of Occam, Gospel of the Horns and of course Deströyer 666 as ‘An Outlaw’s Stand’ all too perfectly blends thrash, black and death metal together into one wonderful extreme package.

                Naturally, this does mean that those who don’t like these genres will pull their nose up, there is nothing here for them. Fuck ‘em. However, for fans of these genres, they will find an excellent album that can be played over and over again without every becoming tiresome or dull.

"perfectly blends thrash, black and death metal together into one wonderful extreme package"

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