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Carr Jam 21 – ‘Carr Jam 21’ EP

Independent Release
Kiss, Eric Carr, Ace Frehley, Paul Stanley
Release Date
January 7, 2022
Independent Release
Hard Rock

                Who would have thought that it was now over 30 years since legendary drummer Eric Carr passed away, taken from the world in 1991 aged only 41 from cancer. In celebration of the life of Carr and indeed Kiss, Dregen, Jesper Binzer and Ryan Roxie amongst others have got to together and recorded an EP entitled ‘Carr Jam 21’.

                For an EP, ‘Carr Jam 21’ does exactly what it sets out to do. This is a group of avid Kiss fans paying tribute to an excellent drummer by covering two Eric Carr songs in the shape of ‘Eyes of Love’ and ‘Can You Feel It’ featured on Carr’s posthumously released 1999 album ‘Rockology’. These tracks are done very well, and the listener can clearly hear the Kiss influence and the amount of reverence given to the tracks. Furthermore, what the listener gets are two Kiss deep cut tracks in the shape of ‘Love Her All I Can’ from Kiss’ ‘Dressed to Kill’ album as well as the Ace Frehley track ‘Snowblind’ from his 1978 album.

                These tracks are delivered well, and ‘Carr Jam 21’ is a lot of fun. It is an EP designed exactly for that to honour the memory of Carr and to have a lot of fun doing it. It’s probably not worth running out to purchase, but it is 15 minutes of cheesy, good time enjoyability that leaves the listener feeling good.

"15 minutes of cheesy, good time enjoyability that leaves the listener feeling good"

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