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No Hope For The Lost – ‘The Pilgrimage’ EP

Octave Studio MH
Periphery, Meshuggah, Gojira
Release Date
Octave Studio MH
Progressive Metalcore

No Hope For The Lost are a progressive metalcore band from Alberta, Canada that rose from the ashes of Deadlights in 2020, their newest 4 track EP ‘The Pilgrimage’ was released in April 2021 on Octave Studio.

No Hope For The Lost’s unique blend of metal & sci-fi influences is evident on ‘The Pilgrimage’ their new EP is centred around the classic 2001 Square Enix game ‘Final Fantasy X’,

The first track ‘Braska’ is a short opening piece that rolls into ‘Yu Yevon’ which kicks from the start with a hard rhythmical breakdown, full of melodic & heavy riffs each song harkens back to countless hours grinding away through the world of Spira (but let’s be honest… mostly just playing Blitzball!)

‘Yunalesca’ is another short soundscape-based piece leading into the final track, ‘Jecht’ with its slamming riffs covered in melodic overtures is a metal band’s metaphorical equivalent to a final boss.

Be sure to check out ‘The Pilgrimage EP’ & keep an eye out for future No Hope For The Lost releases!

"Slamming riffs covered in melodic overtures"

Come on in!

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